Music Weapons FREE Vinyl Kits

As promised here is the first set of free kits. This one is all vinyl based kits that didnt make it on our upcoming VSTi/AU “PURE VINYL” that doesnt mean they werent dope it just means there were even doper kits and breaks that beat it out. Or there simply was not enough sounds to play with within. It is sorted into kits and also kik snr hat folders and is in standard 16-Bit 44.1KHz format making it compatible with EVERYTHING. I will release drum weapons 2, drum weapons 3 and maschine group versions in a few days. All you have to do is enter a VALID email and the link gets sent to you. Its very simple. ENJOY HOMIES, THE NEXT kits are the boombap ones made the same as drum weapons 2 and drum weapons 3 kits. That will be out shortly as well. Use the form below to get the free Vinyl Kit Collection :) A VALID EMAIL IS REQUIRED TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM HOTLINKING AND BLATENTLY STEALING THIS DOPE KIT.

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