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Drum Samples

drum samplesMusic weapons is a site devoted to providing you with high quality instruments and a place to drum samples and other software in VSTi format. Unlike other drum samples instruments and sample collections our products are made by working highly regarded producers and include sounds and tools they ACTUALLY USE in there everyday productions. So when you load up a music weapon in drum samples or the program of your choice you are already ten steps ahead of your competition. When using any music weapons drum samples or any other software for that matter you will have an advantage. If you arent aware you can download loops a demo of drum samples you can use our vst instruments and sounds in any program and you will be up and running in no time.

drum samples

Our sounds are the highest quality available on the market and there are hundreds of satisfied customers as well as glowing accounts from world renowned producers. In addition to software for drum samples we also provide links to music weapon approved gear as well as tutorials and links to relevant material. This site isnt simply a store for drum samples sounds it will be a hub for all hiphop. A community holding all types of drum samples sounds resources like tips and tricks and ways to properly use our software.

drum samples

We will be continually updating the site with more drum samples sounds, software and features. Be sure to check back often. And do not forget to register for the drum samples site, without doing so you will not be able to access certain areas or buy things, you will also receive updates on any further releasing of high quality hiphop drum samples sounds.